Simplicity is the approach

Steadily increasing requirements in production performance, limited workforce capacity and simultaneously strong pressure to optimize: under such conditions, the usual improvement methods bring insufficient results, as they put too much pressure on resources, are too expensive and take too long to implement.

The answer to this is an entirely new method by pimacon. An approach which produces the overall measures quicker and easier, but without compromising the quality of the results. Underlying this is a philosophy of simplicity, which produces time- and budget-friendly effects by comparison to conventional approaches, regardless of whether it concerns analyses, solution concepts, training measures or production project implementations.



Lean optimization

It is based on the pimaLEAN framework, aimed at a substantial streamlining of optimization projects in production. It is characterized by a focused and benefits-oriented approach. It works by avoiding conceptual baggage and by developing the most direct route to the objective. In addition, Best Practices are employed consistently wherever useful and without impeding any specific requirements, focused on the maximum possible standardization

pimaLEAN combines the tools and practices of Lean and Kaizen and provides a focused and goal-oriented organization of processes, from planning to implementation of the benefits identified. Above all however the framework follows the basic principle: quality before simplicity. In the interests of maximum professionalism combined with high added value.