Key performance indicators in focus

The key performance indicator solution from the pimaLEAN framework aims to capture the current production processes in their entirety. This covers all areas beginning with production costs, through efficiency / productivity, maintenance, quality, production reliability up to sustainability, and evaluates the relevant processes.

Using an “as is” evaluation of the existing key figures  as a baseline allows the  focused introduction of those key figures still missing,  leading to a complete evaluation of the production processes.  Depending on the start-point, the pimaLEAN approach offers the capability to evaluate processes which have not yet been analyzed,  and then to optimize accordingly.

Advantages of a holistic
key performance indicator system:

  • All production processes are evaluated and the relevant cost drivers identified.
  • An “as is” current system evaluation forms the baseline for targeted improvements.
  • Building key performance indicator communication from the operators’ level to senior management, and back again. Each level works with the metrics with which they are familiar.