Short interval management - SIM

The short interval management solution from the pimaLEAN Framework provides the opportunity to improve focused communication between the operator level and management. Depending on the definition, the actions to be taken will be clearly described in relation to the production situation.

Using an “as is” survey of the communications processes  as a baseline,  focused and benefits-orientated measures are  developed which lead to sustainable process improvements. Depending on the starting situation, the pimaLEAN approach offers the capability to significantly improve reliability in the production processes.

Advantages of short interval management:

  • Clear rules of communication. Who should inform whom, and in which situation.
  • The time intervals for actions will be clearly defined.
  • Clear division of tasks and communication, from plant operator up to site management.
  • All information is combined with the relevant production situations, system status with the relevant key indicators, measures and actions are scheduled.
  • Both short-term and sustainable problem solutions.
  • Speeding-up responses
  • Improving holistic view on production processes.